Welcome to the 2nd Annual
Tottenham Chamber of Commerce
Silent Auction 2005


hosted by www.switchon.ca , a community website for South Simcoe


Final bids have been posted on the online auction.

Bid 24 hours/day online until 12:00 pm, June 02, 2005 when

the Online Auction stops .....and continues as a Silent Auction at the

Tottenham Community Centre - Friday, June 03, 2005, 7-9 pm

Items can be picked up after the bids are recorded at the Silent Auction.


To participate in the auction, you need to acquire a bidding number.
Call us or email to register and acquire your bidding number. Please
include your address and phone number.

Tottenham Chamber of Commerce

6 Mill St. E., P.O. Box 922
Tottenham, Ontario, Canada L0G 1W0
Tel: 905-936-4100
Toll Free: 1-888-258-4727
E-mail:Tottenham Chamber

Important Note: Auction is designed for a Windows Based System. If you are using something other than Outlook for email, you may experience difficulties and error messages. You may obtain bidding number and place bids via telephone. Just call the chamber at the no. listed above.


New items to bid on will continue to be added throughout this auction.
Thank you for bidding generously.

Your bids and donations assist in developing and maintaining events
in our community, Tottenham - Bluegrass, Community Week, Christmas parade, etc.




To correct or add missing info to your ad in the silent auction, please email switchon.ca.

The Tottenham Chamber of Commerce extends one year free membership to
to all donors bringing in over $400 in bids.


Rules of the auction:

  1. All Bidders must obtain a bid # before placing a bid (email the Tottenham Chamber for bid number; please include address and phone number).
  2. Online bids are collected from 5:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday. The highest bid at 5:00 pm will be posted. Weekend bids will be updated each Monday.
  3. If similar bids are received as the highest bid, the earliest bid is posted.
  4. Minimum $10 bids for items over $100.
  5. Your online bidding number is used to continue bidding at the Silent Auction.
  6. Payment in full upon receipt of item. Accepted methods of Payment: MasterCard, Visa, cash or cheque.
  7. Items not picked up within 14 days of auction will then be awarded to the next highest bidder.
  8. It is the bidder responsibility for any shipping and handling charges that may occur.
  9. Winning Bidders will be notified by a call or email if item is not claimed at the Silent Auction.
  10. After the auction is over, outside links and contact information contained within the online auction page(s) will be removed. Final silent auction bids will be posted. The pages will then remain in archives of this site. Should the donor want all of their ad removed, email switchon.ca.
  11. If you have any questions, call the Tottenham Chamber at 905 936-4100 or email
  12. The Tottenham Chamber of Commerce and Sandra Cavers (www.switchon.ca) are not responsible for the items and services offered within this auction. Please contact the supplier of the item or service directly for any information.



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